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Nialos Leaning
2004-05-02 18:32:14 UTC
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My always free web site, Nialos Leaning Presents, located at
http://www.asstr.org/~nialos/ has been updated!

On May 2, "Learning His Lesson" by Aldric was added to the
Nudie Juvie Story Festival page. In this story, thirteen
year old Brad goes to far in pulling a prank his brother;
his parents obtain the help of a judge to subject the boy to
an embarrassing and humiliating ordeal intended to ensure he
learns his lesson.

On April 28, my "By Order of the Court" was added to the
Nudie Juvie Story Festival page. Five preteen shoplifters
become their town's first Nudie Juvies. They're sentenced to
five days of being naked and two public spankings, once in
school and once in the park.

Also on April 28, three other stories were posted. Day 3 of
my saga of the Jeffers kids week undergoing Nudity Enhanced
Punishment, "The Jeffers Kids Nightmare Tuesday Performance"
was posted to the Young Spanking page. On this terrible
Tuesday, the nightmare continues for the Jeffers siblings,
both at school and at a very public command performance at
the mall.

The Stepford Husbands by Agatha is on the Reader Submissions
page. This is a tale about Thirteen year old Peter, who is
enrolled by his mother in the very private and exclusive
Rochville Preparatory Boarding School and Academy. From the
moment he enters the school, he's in shock from the
embarrassments, humiliations and punishments the all female
staff and the female students constantly inflict upon the
vastly outnumbered male pupils.

Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Subboy Paul's "The Harris Family" is
available on his page. Sally moves her family into a new
house and decrees that all three males, husband Paul,
fifteen year old Steven and thirteen year old Joe are
"little boys" subject to the control and discipline of
herself and the girls of the household, eleven year old
twins Heather and Lucy, and ten year old Debbie. Much forced
nudity, spanking, and sexual humiliation.

Do enjoy all the above stories and all the stories at my
site, always free and without advertising.

All authors, established, new, and aspiring, are invited to
submit stories for my ongoing Nudie Juvie Story Festival.
A "Nudie Juvie" is a child, usually between 8 and 14, who is
ordered by authority of a juvenile court to unwillingly be
naked in public places for a period of time. What else
happens to the "Nudie Juvie" while naked is at the author's
discretion. As is likely in real life, "Nudie Juvies" find
their experience to be embarrassing and humiliating. Plese
submit stories to ***@yahoo.com Complete submission
guidelines are at www.asstr.org/~nialos/nudie_juvie.html

Nialos Leaning
"A red face, a red bottom,
a lesson well learned"
2004-05-02 21:22:23 UTC
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Post by Nialos Leaning
Do enjoy all the above stories and all the stories at my
site, always free and without advertising.
I found my way to Nialos' story site the other day after reading his
new stories, mentioned in this posting, on alt.sex.stories. These
stories are outstandingly well-written and very hot. The site has
tons of other stories of this genre, one that I especially like, all
of which are well-worth reading.