F/M Story - Date with my Sister in Law. UK and Caning.
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2003-07-03 18:19:35 UTC
Hey you cannot stop there!

I'm waiting to see the mighty fall!




Brian - Pain is fine, but drop me and I shatter.
Only my eyes are blind.
It's OK, Ive got the balls, so let's play!

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2003-07-03 20:01:40 UTC
Ack! Keep going please!!!!


"Being submissive may have put chains on my body, but it has
removed my soul from bondage."
The Loving Dominant - John Warren - Masquerade Books, Inc.
Chapter 4, page 62.
2003-07-04 20:27:02 UTC
Very much looking forward to Part 2
Hi - I'm Roger. Here in the UK we use the cane for serious punishment and
the following happened to me.
A date with my Sister in Law - Part 1.